4AntiqueFurniture.com will offer antique dealers and stores; antiques appraisers; auction houses; antiques restoration, repair and refinishing experts; and purveyors of antiques hardware the opportunity to promote your services nationally or regionally.

Top level partnerships will be with our network of accredited consultants, who may be from any of the above areas. Our consultants will be our site's local touch with visitors who wish to display and sell their items via our site; who are looking to purchase fine antique furniture or other items; or who are looking for services such as those listed above.

ALL of our partnerships will be limited to no more than five (5) partners in a particular area of expertise, both nationally and locally.  There will be only TWO (2) Consultants selected from a particular geographical area, and their services will be presented at the top of all of our services pages.

4AntiqueFurniture.com desires to quickly build a network of premiere consultants and advertising partners - people who will serve our audience expert and ethical services, and who will also benefit from the top level exposure our site will afford them. We will also be looking to our partners for advice on enhancing our site's value for what we believe will be a substantial audience of individual private antiques lovers and collectors, buyers and sellers.

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